Thursday, April 24, 2014

10 Game Seru di Android

Lagi bosan dan bingung mau ngapain? Mau tidur...hmmm ntar body bisa jadi tambah bulet hehe..trus enaknya ngapain yah? Well, main game di gadget kayanya seru. Selain bisa membunuh waktu, ngilangin rasa bosan truss ga' mengganggu orang lain, main game juga termasuk stimulan buat otak Anda juga loh (baca juga :  7 Tips Menjaga Agar Otak Awet Muda).

Buat pemakai Android berikut 10 game seru di Android yang sangat rekomended untuk diinstall :

1. Subway Surf
2. Onet
3. Bubble Shoot
4. Pou
5. Candy Crush Saga
6. Help Out
7. Where is my water
8. Monster Zuma
9. Bubble Break
10. Zombie Smasher

"A human being without the proper empathy or feeling is the same as an android built so as to lack it, either by design or mistake. We mean, basically, someone who does not care about the fate which his fellow living creatures fall victim to; he stands detached, a spectator, acting out by his indifference John Donne's theorem that 'No man is an island,' but giving that theorem a twist: that which is a mental and a moral island is not a man." - Philip K. Dick

"An Android, IOS, RIM all just a part of technology..we should appreciated not became hater to ecah others" - Wahyuni

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