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The Reason Why Harry Potter So Popular

I loved all Harry Potter movies and novels  never bored to wacted it. And I think I'm not the only one who did it. Wacth the movies and read the novels both are excited. So why Harry Potter became so popular all over the globe? (Also recomended : JK. Rowling)

Here some reasons why Harry Potter so popular according to Unique Daily Tips :

- It's A Good Story

I really love Harry Potter stories, it's plain and simple. Harry Potter novels tell a great story. It's epic, especially for a children’s series, but it's not terribly long. The lasting popularity proves that kids will stick around if the story is good enough and it obviously is. The made up stuff in J.K. Rowling’s world of magic isn’t all that complicated and it seems almost plausible at times.

- The Books Are Great And The Movies Aren’t That Bad

No more sequels or exploitations or knock offs or ghost writers. J.K. Rowling has such a tight grip on all things Harry Potter’s that it ensures a certain level of competency and quality. Hell, they even trademarked a long list of possible titles so no one could even write those books.

- Immersive, But Not Overwhelming

The Wizard World of Harry Potter is rich in detail and scope, but its not daunting like, say, The Lord of the  Rings or Star Trek. These are kids books after all and if a child can understand basic spells, so can you. The stories themselves go fairly deep into the mythology surrounding the series, but only to enhance the overarching narrative. Rowling doesn’t go off into details about some famous wizard unless it is absolutely necessary and what she does tell us about this world is fun and entertaining. However, if you’re really interested in this world you can go further in depth. Rowling has revealed tons of information about the world she’s created and she has hinted that she’ll write an all-encompassing “encyclopedia” of Harry Potter eventually. So if

you do get caught up in the world or just want to know more about it, there is plenty of info available.

- Approachable From Any Age

Do you want your 11 year old to start out reading Deathly Hallows? Of course not, that is some serious stuff in the final book. But can they handle Sorcerer’s Stone? You better believe it. And as they start to discover each novel as they get older the books become tailor made for them. The language never gets too complicated yet it is still very well written. It doesn’t treat the reader, no matter what age, as an idiot, but rather uses simple and tactful language. But what if you’re older and want to get into the series? Does the first one still work? Of course. Harry Potter is one of the few things in life that is able to speak to multiple generations at the same time and still seem cool to each one.

- The Characters

The movies are good, but they just can’t compete with the novels. They are great visual spectacles and capture the essence of the story (you couldn’t capture the whole story unless each movie were ran twenty hours). Almost all the character in Harry Potter is so unique and unforgetable. Also they have a unique name such Dumbledore, Snape, Hagrid and of course three main role Hermione, Ron and Harry itself.

- It's About About Magic and Spell

Who don't loves magic? Kids and even an adult love magic. In Harry Potter, they have all those magics. All the spells is fun and sometimes funny that's why people always waiting for Harry Potter series in novels or movies.

- J.K. Rowling

One of the greatest aspects of the arts in modern times is that if your work is popular, you will get compensated for it. J.K. Rowling at one point became the richest female in the United Kingdom (richer than the Queen, even) and it just shows how popular the books and films were. J.K. Rowling did the best job of world building I've ever seen. Here is this story set in our time and our world, yet it is completely fantastic and beyond anything we've ever experienced. There is an entirecivilization with its own rich history completely separate from our reality. Each character has a story, and Rowling connects dots that other authors would have left unconnected without another thought. This makes for a much richer and more rewarding experience for the reader.

- Love Is The Greatest Magic Of All

One of the main themes of Harry Potter is love  but the real love people feel in the world. Friends, elders, parents, kids, enemies, everyone. Rowling doesn’t pull any punches with her readers, as a former single mother living on welfare, she has seen plenty of hardships. But she didn’t let that extinguish her optimism and her love for the world is evident in all of the series.
However, that isn’t the only lesson she imparts on us. The world of Harry Potter and as such, the world through Rowling’s eyes, values bravery, intelligence, loyalty, and trust. The characters treat friends and families with respect and in the end the good triumph over the evil. Of course, there can be many losses along the way, but such is life. People can also change for the better and/or worse, but in the end you have to forgive them. You can learn a lot from Harry Potter; it's not just wand waving and spells.

Thanks for reading ^^.

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