Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Let's Save Our Planet

Do you realize that our earth is getting old? According to experts Earth science, it was about 4.54 billion years age. Wow's not young anymore ^ ^. And without we realize our Earth was getting worse from day to day. Environmental damage caused disasters, global warming is causing extreme climate changes and much more. Imagine if there's no one cares about or aware of the importance of protecting and keeping our Earth. With all of these problems, what will happen to our Earth in the future?

Through this article I would like to invite you to contribute in keeping our earth. That everyone could participate to preserve the earth. Here are some small things we can do every day:

1. Use Enough Water.

Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth is a small example. Using a shower in the bath also prove biases conserve water.

2. Use Energy Efficient Lamps

A wide variety of energy-saving lamps can easily found. In addition to the electricity savings, these lights are also durable.

3. Turning Off Lights When Not Used

For example turn off the light in the toilet when not in use and turn off the lights at bedtime.

4. Uses Paper Two Sides

A number of trees to be cut down to produce the paper, so it's good, we use double-sided paper.

5. Turning off your PC / Computer At Night.

Did you know that by turning off the computer at night rather than sleep mode can save 40% electricity.

6. Planting Trees

Planting a tree in your yard. But if it's not possible it can be replaced with a planting flowers in pots.

7. Minimize use of air conditioning

Air conditioners need freon as a coolant. Yet as we know Freon contribute to damaging the ozone layer.

8. Uses Recycled Products.

Buy plastic products made from recycled materials. Look for products that show packaging recycling symbol.

9. Biking/Cycling

With ride a bike you are already helping to reduce air pollution caused by exhaust fumes from your vehicle.

10. Using the Battery Charger

Battery can not be recycled so that it more recommend using the battery charger.

11. Using Public Transportation

By using public transport means reducing gasoline use and air pollution.

"Let's save the energy, by turn off the light while not use probably just a small thing but if million of people do the same thing, it will give a great effort. Love our Earth." - Unique

Thank's for reading. Let's save our planet!

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