Monday, August 19, 2019

Unique Daily Question : Does drink ice water will make you fat?

Some people may get a wrong opinion about too much drink ice water could make fat. Is that true? Well, this is the explaination :

Water is a zero calorie beverage and whether it’s hot or cold makes no difference to the calorie content. That means that water cannot make you fat. So, when drinking water can help you lose weight because it contains 0 calories, how could it ever make you fat by drinking cold water?

You see the point. Drinking cold water cannot make you fat. It does not matter if you drink your water hot or cold! In fact when you drink cold water, your body has to burn more calories to warm it up and bring it to body temp before it uses it. So you actually might be burning more calories drinking cold water than hot.

o, if anyone ever told you that drinking cold water will not make you fat, please clarify to them, that it does not. In fact some studies suggest that drinking ice water may help the body burn more calories as it tries to bring the water up to body temperature so we say: “Drink more water!”

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