Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Common Reasons Why Couple Divorce

Nobody wants their marriage ended with divorced. When they get married, they wish it will be last forever but somehow some marriage couldn't  work like the way it used to be and divorce became the only way out. Divorce mean being a single parent for the children. Further, to give an explanation to the children why their parents must live separated it's not easy. Still the statistics can't reflect the devastation that takes place for children of divorce. (also recomended : Quotes about Marriage)

There are several factors that affect the divorce rates. For example, the rates are considerably higher for young, low income families than they are older, college educated, middle class couples. Those who marry and have children right out of high school are at greater risk of divorce than couples who finish college, have decent wage jobs and wait until their mid to late
twenties or older to wed.

Here are the most popular reasons for marriages ending in divorce :
- Infidelity
Break-ups due to infidelity rank among the most difficult to deal with. When one partner chooses to go outside the marriage for intimacy, the impact strikes right to the core of the relationship. Trust is broken and the damage is often irreparable, with divorce sometimes feeling like the only feasible option.

- Financial Difficulty

The struggling economy has put a strain on most relationships, however some couples have additional stressors, such as one spouse being too free with money or keeping a very tight rein on the purse strings. When partners can't agree on how the money should be handled, problems ensue.

- Abuse

According to Simple Divorce Advice, physical, mental, and emotional abuse all are common reasons why couples get divorced. Consistent fighting whether it's physical or just verbal is not healthy for either party. Eventually most people involved in volatile marriages reach a breaking point and seek divorce. Staying in an abusive relationship is neither healthy nor safe.

- Lack of Communication
A commonly heard phrase to successful marriages is that "communication is key." More women indicate this as a major influence than men. Parenting practices, money, religion and other important aspects of marriage are the concerns that need to be discussed, but often get ignored to the detriment of the relationship.

- Selfishness 

This shows up in a variety of forms. It can take the form of never including the desires of the other person in decision making or forcing every issue to be about one party while the other is ignored. Marriage is supposed to be a coming together of two people, but when one dominates the relationship to the near exclusion of the other's thoughts and desires, cracks begin to form in the union.

- Incompatibility

This is often rooted in the non-communication issue. People will get married and only after time has passed realize that they don't have as much in common as they originally believed. Over time, the issues that arise out of this lack of common ground cause the marriage to fail.

- Personal Problems

Everyone has personal issues of one sort or another that need to be dealt with for the good of the individual. Serious damage to the relationship can be caused when a spouse's personal problems begin to spill over and affect the marriage negatively.

- Unhappiness

Unhappiness lies at the root of a high number of divorces. Sometimes individuals don't realize that love in and of itself is not enough to keep you happy. Also, some people get married, and then realize that they are not cut out for marriage. Either way, according to a study published by Pennsylvania State University, severe unhappiness can mean the death toll for a marriage.

- Lack of Attentiveness

A new baby, illness, work and other dynamics can play into the situation in which one or both partners feel that they're being largely ignored. Unfortunately, too many couples fail to talk about the conflict or seek help. In each case, there are things that can be done and there is help available to mitigate the problem

- Intimacy Issues - Intimacy problems can have many root causes. A spouse with unresolved issues from the past could have intimacy issues. Illness may be a factor affecting intimacy or intimacy may be lacking simply because a spouse has a fear of intimacy.

- Addictions

Living with a spouse who is dealing with an addiction is very difficult, and the problems only escalate when treatment is not pursued. Drugs and alcohol can have devastating effects on family life. Other addictions such as gambling, shopping and pornography are just as capable of ripping a family apart at the seams.

- Lack of maturity

When people marry young and certain stressors hit the marriage, one spouse may grow in maturity at a faster rate than the other. Some people get married not realizing that their view of marriage is more akin to playing house than accepting the role of responsible adults. When one spouse comes to that reality before another, problems can often arise.

 "When divorced became the one and only way out to solve the problems, better think again all the love you have when you get married, all those years you spent together, all the happiness, the sweet moment you have. But if it's not work....yeeah, better get divorce as soon as possible." - Unique


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