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Matano Lake - A Beautiful Blue Lake in Sorowako

Maybe for some people it’s kind a little bit boring  to stay and settle in the same place for a long time.
But if you stay in Sorowako maybe you will change your opinion. I was born,  raised , finished my school and then work in Sorowako and never get bored. What makes Sorowako seem so special?  Sorowako is a small quite town approximately 600 km southwest of  Makassar, South Sulawesi. There’s only two way  you can reach Sorowako.  First by bus it will take 12 hours trip from Makassar to Sorowako. Second by  flight, only need two hours to arrived  in Sorowako. But unfortunately  the flight is not for commercial it’s belong to PT. Vale Indonesia, Tbk . Only  Vale employees, Vale  Guest or Vale’s family member who deserve to have a priority to get a seat on flight. That’s why  I called  Sorowako is so special.

Matano Lake
Visiting  Sorowako your eyes will be spoiled with beautiful panoramic views  surrounded by green forest, Veerbec Mountain and a beautiful blue lake - Matano. Matano Lake also known as Matana, is a natural lake in small town Sorowako. With a depth of  590 metre or 1,940 feet. It is the deepest lake in Indonesia also in South East Asia and the 10th deepest lake in the world.  The water was so blue and fresh just like a crystal clear, we can see the bottom of  the lake clearly. Nowdays Matano Lake  has become one of  attractive tourist destination in South Sulawesi. Beside enjoying the landscape and  swimming, you can do others activities like canoeing, rafting  and diving.
PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk, (Nickel Company in Sorowako)  also take the advantages from Matano  Lake water flow as a source power of  Hydro Electric Power Plant to support the electricity needs in fabric, offices, public facilities  and  home residents in Sorowako.

Beautiful Matano Lake in the Morning

Solitude Sunset in Matano Lake


 Matano Lake Bridge

Matano Lake at Night

Water Cave in  Matano Lake
You can reach this unique water  Cave by rafting about 45 minutes from the dock. This place also worthed to visit. The water is soo clear , sometimes we can’t see the mouth of the Cave because  the water level of  Matano Lake is high.  So  how we can get inside the Cave?  Hold your breath, swim  and dive...but don’t worry  inside the Cave it’s not dark because  there’s a big hole up the Cave so the sunlight still get into the Cave. Well, If  you like challenge, it’s time to prove it. I dare you to jump from the top of the Cave, it’s about 15 meters high. Some people already did that..would you be the next? Inside the Cave you can see many stalactites hanging, if you can’t  swim better to wear life jacket the depth water inside the cave it’s about 4-5 meter.

Rafting in Matano Lake

Water Cave

Stalactites Inside the Water Cave

The Big Hole on the top of Water Cave

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver." - Martin Luther

"A years passed, people come and go and so many things have changed but Matano Lake stand still  as the beautiful blue lake I've ever seen" - Unique

Well, there's a story about Matano Lake - A beautiful blue lake. Next I will share more story about unique things in Sorowako. Thanks for reading.

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