Thursday, June 9, 2022

How to Distinguish Between a Friend and a Lover


Let's talk about love. Love isn't always easy. It's complicated. Sometimes we are trapped in the wicked game of friendship versus our feelings. Sure, it's not simple to know if you love someone or if you're just friends. It can hurt and there may be a few broken hearts on the way but once you know where your true feelings lie, it will be worth it and you can move on.

Love : A decision to put the needs of another before your own.

Friendship : An enjoyable bond with another with some common interest(s).

Here, you can find some simple tips and info about How to Distinguish Between a Friend and a Lover :

- Make sure your friend/lover is the right person for you.

This doesn't mean whether you're compatible as a couple but just whether you really are interested in what each other have to say, get along etc. Even two friends who have been together for a long time can often find that they are nothing alike. This is the most basic step, be sure you're sure before you do anything else.

- You must look back on what you do in your daily lives together .

Do you have lunch, dinner, breakfast, Do you work in the same vicinity. Do you do recreational activities or past-times such as going to the movies together. This is crucial, it can help you understand where and when you feel comfortable with this person.

- Let go of the past.

Many friends find it difficult to enter a relationship due to some of these points-You've slept together (one-night stand etc)-Either one of you has been involved with someone related to the other-you were previously involved but it didn't work out. And countless others. You need to let go of this and realise that the past is history, if you really are'hoping to resolve the lover/friendship problem you need to move on.

- Understand what your feelings are telling you.

Your feelings are vital to letting you know what you want to understand. Fear makes you realise that you're uncomfortable, in a dangerous situation, happiness lets you know that you are satisfied where you are at the moment. Let the feelings, love, lust and elation show how you truly feel.

- Make the right decision.

No one likes to break hearts especially not their own. Make sure you know what your doing for you and your lover/friends sake.

- Stay with each other.
As long as no ill-feelings get in the way, whether you decide you are lovers or friends remember to stick together. Remember why you considered them as lovers in the first place.

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