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Famous Incident in World Cup History

Still disscus the hot topic..World Cup. You might already notice if the World Cup is probably the biggest sporting event on the planet. For a whole month the eyes of the world were hypnotizing to watch this competition. With the best players and the best teams all trying to do their best to win the game’s biggest prize.

It is no surprise that there's the odd scandal or two. Here, you can find 5 famous incident in World Cup History according to Unique Daily Tips :
1. Andres Escobar shot dead.

When? Shortly after Colombia’s exit from USA 1994. Colombia went into USA ’94 as one of the dark horses. It was a brilliant team capable of the unexpected, but as they failed to perform, rumours of pressure from betting cartels and death threats to the coach grew. Andres Escobar’s death was the most tragic of fallouts. The defender slid in to intercept a cross in the second group game with the USA and diverted it into his own net. A 2-1 loss all but sealed Colombia's exit. Just 10 days later in Medellin, Colombia, Escobar was shot dead in what was reportedly an

attack related to the own goal.

2. The Hand of God

When? England vs. Argentina, quarter-final, Mexico 1986.

Diego Maradona managed to bag a brace of the most famous, or infamous, goals in one game when Argentina knocked England out on the way to its 1986 triumph. After 51 minutes, 5’5“ Maradona out-jumped Peter Shilton in the England goal to punch the ball into the net. The goal was allowed. Maradona later described it as a “little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God.”Four minutes later he showed how it should be done, scoring perhaps the greatest goal the World Cup has ever seen.

3. Zinedine Zidane head butt.

When? World Cup 2006 in Germany, France vs Italy.

All started well with him opening the scoring but Marco Materazzi levelled and an increasingly fractious game went into extra-time. Materazzi an old style hardman central defender with a penchant for provoking opponents with foul comments finally 'scored' his second goal when Zidane, unable to take any more of his remarks about his sister, headbutted him in the chest 10 minutes from the end of extra-time. A red card was the only option and he trod disconsolately from the pitch past a stony-faced French coach Raymond Domenech and the World Cup trophy down the tunnel. Italy won the game on penalties.

4. Diego Maradon Fails a Doping Test.

When? USA 1994.

Diego Maradona was always eager to prove the critics wrong. Called too old, too injury prone and washed-up, Maradona was unexpectedly in the midst of a brilliant renaissance in the early stages of USA 1994. Alive, alert, full of probing passing and dribbling, Maradona lashed one in against Greece and infamously celebrated by screaming directly into the camera lens.

In their second game against Nigeria, he conducted an impressive Argentine orchestra once more. By the third game against Bulgaria, he was gone, having failed a doping test for ephedrine.

5. Harald Schumacher Wipes Out Patrick Battison.

When? West Germany vs. France, semifinal Spain 1982.

A ball over the top of the German defence saw French player Patrick Battiston and German goalkeeper racing towards each other at top speed. Battiston got there first, nicking the ball past the goalkeeper and past the post. Schumacher seemingly had no heed for the ball, however, jumping into Battiston and catching him at head height with a combination of his hip'and his arm. Battiston was knocked unconscious, lost three teeth and required oxygen. The referee awarded a German goalkick. In 2005, the BBC named it one of the worst referring decisions of all time.

"Have a good strategy, tactics, defend, strength and confidence to reach a goal not only in football game, but also in real life." - Unique

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