Friday, November 25, 2022

Monas : Indonesian National Monument

(source : klinik fotografer)
As we know almost every big city in this world has an icon such as Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London or Opera House in Sidney. In Indonesia itself, proudly represent Monas in Jakarta. Monas is actually an abbreviation of the world Monumen Nasional, in other words National Museum. It is the symbol that represents the fight and struggle of the Indonesian independence. It is the icon and most notable landmark of Jakarta. Located in the center of Jakarta, it is the main tourist attraction. Monas is a 132m or 433ft high, it was built in the year 1959 at the time, President Soekarno wanted to build a national monument to stand in front of the presidential palace that could be compared to the Eiffel Tower. He decided on the flame on the top of the monument to be covered in gold foil to represent the wealth of his independent nation and commemorate the struggle for Indonesia’s independence. Monas was opened to the public in 1975.

Monas is very convenient to visit because of its strategic location with wide area of greenery surrounds. The park was initially known as Lapangan Gambir is about 80 hectares wide and is a popular spot for many people to relax, jog and do various activities alone or in groups, it always be open while the museum inside of the monument is opened every day from 09.00 AM in the morning to 16.00 PM in the afternoon. It is always opened at these times every day except for the last Monday in every month and certain holidays and special occasions. Monas is a great place for spending quality time with family members inside the monument or just within the area of park of the monument. Many fun and educational activities can be done. A huge festival is usually held for the Independence Day of Jakarta, in the Monas park.

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